Export Expo Fair – 29-31 May 2019

Export Expo FairThe Warsaw Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Polish Media Association and the editors of the TTG Economic News magazine is the organizer of the Export Expo fairs.

This is the first event of this type, bringing together exporters from Central and Eastern Europe, representing various industries.

We invite exporters – producers, service providers.

Exhibitors will have a unique opportunity to present their offer to invited buyers from Poland (about 3,000 people) and from abroad (about 2,000 people).The organizers, in cooperation with the Chambers of Commerce from Central and Eastern Europe, invite about 2,000 traders from countries from Central and Eastern Europe and about 3,000 Polish buyers to the fair.

The guests will be representatives of over 50 chambers of commerce from Albania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Hungary.

Export Expo Fair – 29-31 May 2019
PTAK WARSAW EXPO Nadarzyn near Warsaw / Poland