Green passports for vaccinated in Israel

Since January 17, the Israeli Ministry of Health will launch an electronic document known as “Green Passport” for those vaccinated.

The Green Passport is a mobile app that can be activated 7 days after receiving the second dose of the vaccine. The electronic documents will enable Israelis to travel abroad and will exempt them from the self-isolation regime upon their return from high-risk countries.

According to the Israel’s Covid-19 project coordinator Prof.Nachman Ash, initially the green passport will be valid for six months and private businesses such as restaurants, cafes, and more will be entitled to refuse entry without this document.

In addition, as reported by the local media, Israel can be the first of all countries which will inoculate people who are in the risk group.

The reason for this is the relatively small number of people and the large number of vaccine doses received.

photo: Unsplash