It was a good year for Polish hoteliers

A nice long weekend in May, a record-breaking holiday at the Baltic Sea and an extended warm season in autumn. It was a good year for the domestic hotel industry – concludes portal. According to its data, Poles eagerly chose to relax in the country. Just as at the moment when, regardless of prices and traffic jams, they go to Zakopane or Karpacz on New Year’s Eve.In 2018, more than half of the tourists who booked on decided to travel to Polish towns. The others most often chose Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia.

Holidays were particularly successful. The hot summer meant that the Poles were ready to pay high bills for holiday at the Baltic Sea. Compared to the previous year, the cost of the July accommodation in selected coastal towns increased by as much as 75%. Although prices fell in August, they were still higher than last year – summarizes Agnieszka Wirkowska from

In the summer, the Tri-City was the most popular, however, in a year, it is a mountain resorts and big cities tempt tourists the most. In 2018, Poles most often visited Zakopane – as much as 23% of all reservations, Kraków – 12% and Wrocław, Karpacz or Warsaw (4-5%). In the case of the capital city, the number of bookings increased by as much as 191% in comparison with 2017. However, the nature of such a trip has not changed: it is usually a double weekend break.

Hoteliers were also encouraged by early autumn. Especially October, which was even better this year than September. Tourists have benefited not only from great weather, but also from much lower prices than in the full season. However, the average booking value for autumn 2018 was 1048 PLN. The list of top reservations was dominated by: Zakopane, Kraków, Karpacz, Wisła and Białka Tatrzańska. A lot of traffic was also recorded in the Bieszczady that grew in popularity.

And finally, the New Year’s Eve movement. According to data collected by in nearly a thousand objects in the Tatras and Sudetes, prices this year are growing significantly relative to those off season. On average, 75-100%, although sometimes, and more. The average cost of a week’s New Year’s Eve stay for two people in Zakopane is 2282 PLN, and in Karpacz 1690 PLN.

After this season, we expect a wave of investments, renovations, purchases – all activities aimed at increasing the standard of facilities or extending their offer – says Agnieszka Wirkowska. – It was a good year, but those who rest on their laurels may soon be unable to effectively solicit the increasingly demanding Polish tourists – he adds.According to the analysis of queries in the platform, accommodation alone is often not enough for tourists. Regardless of the type of object chosen, guests want to have all the facilities at hand: from coffee and tea and meals to disposable hygiene products. More and more often expect to be able to use the jacuzzi, sauna or swimming pool. They also ask for a cinema room, a gym or a tennis court.Raising the standard of facilities and completing the offer becomes a necessity and many hoteliers declare that they will spend the surpluses generated this season.- Guests would also like to visit the hotel or guesthouse, get acquainted with the local cultural offer, order a trip outside the city, sign up for a guided tour, learn about the concert, outdoor event or exhibition – emphasizes Wirkowska. – We anticipate that in subsequent seasons, tourists will force a greater cooperation of hotels with tourist companies or local cultural, entertainment and sport institutions – she adds.