IT&CM China and CTW China Virtual – Day 1 Starts Today!

IT&CM China and CTW China Virtual

Opening Keynote – Digital-First Future In MICE and Corporate Travel

ThiThe Covid-19 pandemic has devastated the global travel industry, including MICE and Corporate travel. Without a vaccine, present indicators suggest that the World would have to co-exist with the virus over a relatively long period of time. This will have significant implications on how people travel and gather for meetings. During the pandemic, usage of digital tools, especially those that facilitate virtual communications, have increased tremendously. Some of the changes in client behavior and their views on business travel might be permanent. How should the industry plan for the post pandemic MICE market? Should we wait for things to “recover” or should we start to think of “rebuilding” the industry in a new environment? What are some of the solutions that are available and how are they evolving? While the industry seems to be ready to embrace a hybrid model for exhibitions and events, what would a hybrid model look like? To discuss these and a series of other pertinent questions, join our panel in this much anticipated conversation on perspectives of the changing marketplace and recommendations for a digital-first post pandemic strategy.

IT&CM China and CTW China 2020 Virtual Event Orientation Tour

An overview of everything you need to know about the first IT&CM China and CTW China 2020 virtual event. Join us for a briefing of event highlights and an orientation tour of the virtual platform.

Event Opening and Networking

Join us for this industry event opener featuring an interactive community pulse poll and prize giveaways in our “Know Your IT&CM China and CTW China” quiz.

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