Millennials in South Africa and else

Last year, South Africa hosted close on four million millennial tourists representing around 38% of total travelers to South Africa, says Acting CEO of South African Tourism, Sthembiso Dlamini.

Ms. Dlamini says that this market is more and more important for South Africa, mainly because this category of tourist travel the most over the course of the year – up to 35 days. It is also the largest group active in digital channels. Additionally, they spend the most money during holidays. They mainly seek a personalized experience and value such perks as free WiFi and priority boarding.

The Research and Markets report highlighted a few key points about this sector: they prefer international locations over domestic ones, they are digital nomads and technology is very important to them. They also crave authentic travel experiences, experiments and adventure, and because of that they choose culinary and cultural tours as well as trip that enable them to connect with local people.