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Political parties present suggestions on promoting tourism in Egypt

Photo: Pixabay

Sessions of the National Dialogue took place on Tuesday covering the topic of promoting tourism in Egypt, which is expected to record 13.5 million tourists by the end of 2023, contributes by 11.3 percent in GDP, and hires 12.6 percent of the total labor force.

Member of the Senate and Coordination Committee of Parties Youth Leaders and Politicians Hayam Farouk lamented that Egypt’s share in international tourism is less than one percent in spite of its big capabilities.

Farouk highlighted that the obstacles include weakness of competitiveness, and shortage in services related to tourism. Thus, she urged the implementation of a comprehensive quality mechanism that would enhance the performance of Egyptian travel agencies, and promote competition.

The Senate member also suggested launching an app for reporting and resolving problems, as well as hiring experienced firms that would help with improving the experience of tourists at archeological sites based on surveys on preferences and expectations. That is in addition to promoting the products of medical tourism, environmental tourism, and the Holy Family Trail.

Representative of Modern Egypt Party Osama Bedeir pointed out that certain legislations pertinent to tourism must be amended, including the acceleration of the issuance of licenses to tour guides. He added that travel agencies must be encouraged to participate in raising the awareness of citizens on how to deal with tourists.

Representative of the Dostor Party Moataz Ali suggested the renovation of two-star and three-star hotels, whether state-owned or privately owned, and preparing promotional plans for that category. He also suggested resuming cruises between Cairo and Luxor, organizing visits to attractions located in governorates in between.

source: Egypt Today