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Recommended reading at ITB Berlin NOW: the best publications on sustainable responsibility

In support of the plea by leading scientists, climate activists and individuals to all actors around the world to urgently combat climate and environment problems and their fatal consequences, Rika Jean-François, ITB commissioner for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), presents an extensive list of titles for finding out more about the discourse on the wide range of topics surrounding sustainable responsibility. During research for the ITB Book Awards at ITB Berlin NOW, which due to the pandemic will take place in a virtual format in 2021, these publications were put together as part of an overview of recommended reading.

They include the latest books by Federal Minister of Development Dr. Michael Müller, the Dalai Lama, Greta Thunberg, Prof. Dr. Meinhard Miegel, Prof. Nick Bostrom, Prof. Dr. Edward O. Wilson, Prof. Dr. Boris Previšić, Dr. Dirk Steffens and Fritz Habekuß, Prof. Mojib Latif, Prof. Harald Lesch and Klaus Kamphausen, Dipl. Met. Sven Plöger, Hannes Jaenicke and Dr. Ina Knobloch, Markus Mauthe, Arved Fuchs, Naomi Klein, Prof. Dr. Andrew McAfee, Manfred Folkers and Prof. Dr. Niko Paech, Prof. Dr. Maja Göpel, Prof. Claudia Kemfert, Prof. Dr. Klaus Moegling, Dr. Susanne Götze, Petra Pinzler and Günther Wessel, Luisa Neubauer with Alexander Repenning, as well as Prof. Dr. Markus Rex.

As a prominent work on the complex beauty of planet Earth, currently under threat and in need of protection, Jean-François presents the richly illustrated book ‘Human Nature – Über den Zustand unserer Erde’ (English title: Human Nature) by the famous photographers Cristina Mittermeier, Tim Laman, Frans Lanting, Paul Nicklen, Joel Sartore, George Steinmetz et al, published in German in 2020 by Knesebeck Verlag.

For information on ITB Berlin employee support for global sustainability: itb/SocialResponsibility.