Strong dollar spurs holiday travel to UK, Europe


Photo: Unsplash

The strong US dollar has significantly boosted transatlantic travel to Europe this winter.

Allianz Partners USA reviewed more than 608,000 travel itineraries across the peak holiday travel period to highlight the season’s most popular European destinations for 2022.

Roundtrip flights departing from United States airports between November 23, 2022, and Thursday, January 5, 2023, were reviewed.

London continues to dominate and is far and away the most-popular city to visit this holiday season at nearly double those headed to Paris.

Madrid was third.

Most notably, four European cities in the Top 20 are seeing triple-digit increases in travelers expected this holiday season.

Lisbon cracks the Top 10 while Athens, Copenhagen and Stockholm each move up as many as nine positions from their previous spots.

“While inflation has caused the prices of almost everything to soar, travelers have seen the value of the dollar also surge, gain parity with the Euro and the pound, and boost their holiday budgets,” says Daniel Durazo, director of external communications at Allianz Partners USA.

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source: Travel Mole