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Thai travel firm rolls out app to help travel businesses

Thailand-based travel company Really Really Cool (RRC) is launching a new global app to assist travel-related businesses in more than 150 countries to bounce back once the Covid-19 pandemic subsides.

The content on the RRC app, which is free for all travel-related businesses to sign up, currently includes more than 500,000 products and services from third parties, SMEs, and local businesses.

A “Digital Concierge” assists those looking for a “really cool experience”, be it home or abroad. Users can wishlist items, see RRC’s top picks for really cool content, score deals, or get access to other exclusive content.

Machine learning is used as a recommendation engine, which serves up personalised, relevant offers to travellers. It then uses data like geolocation, time, weather, and flight information; and applies algorithms to combine it with other information including previous purchases and ratings, while cross analysing it with other similar users to recommend the best products and experiences.

RRC CEO Patee Sarasin said: “The key reason why we are launching the Really Really Cool application now is to help communities, small travel-related businesses, including everything from attractions, restaurants, cooking classes, ski destinations, to anyone that offers an experience to customers when they travel to any given destination covered.

photo: Really Really Cool