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UFI recognises six companies for their best practices in sustainable exhibiting

UFI - the Global Association of the Exhibition IndustryUFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, is recognising six companies for their sustainable exhibiting best practices within the scope of the 2018 UFI Sustainable Development Award.

The jury decided against awarding just one company this year. Instead, it decided to recognise six entries for their exemplary work on sustainable exhibiting, as demonstrated through tangible, specific measures.

The chosen companies are:

  • Design and Display (South Africa) for capturing the essence of sustainability using a creative artwork approach.
  • Eko Events and Terrena (France) for bringing a highly skilled approach to eco-design exhibiting.
  • Kingsmen CMTI (Thailand) for delivering comprehensive support to the operational aspects of sustainable exhibiting.
  • Resource and Design (South Africa) for its Xanita product, a remarkable material that can be used for several types of booths.
  • Scan Display (South Africa) for demonstrating strong social and environmental awareness at the ‘Sustainability Village’, 2017 Meetings Africa.

All of the companies mentioned above have established a successful approach through their design, construction and operations, with a positive impact on the environment.

The jury also recognised UBM plc. (UK), as a global exhibition organiser, for its general policy towards sustainable exhibiting. Competing with the five finalists mentioned above – all of which are exhibition service providers – UBM plc. was asked by the jury to compile a document describing the various local initiatives submitted to this year’s competition.

“Sustainability starts by taking into account the local environment. This is also true of sustainable exhibiting and these six companies deserve recognition for achieving this,” comments Philippe Echivard, Chair of the UFI Sustainable Development Committee and Chair of the jury for the award. “It is very encouraging to see best practices in so many places around the world, and we are delighted to be able to contribute to the development of a more sustainable global exhibition industry.”

The next milestone in UFI’s activity around sustainable development is the “Next steps towards sustainability” conference in Orlando (USA) from 6-7 August 2018.

source: Travel Daily News