What are the best types of holidays for fitness lovers


Photo: Unsplash

If you’re an avid fitness lover, then finding a holiday that lets you express yourself and stay energised can sometimes be difficult. We’re sure you’ll have a good time visiting cities around the world or chilling out on the beach but surely there are other ways to incorporate fitness into your getaways.

Fortunately for you, there is! These are known as active holidays and let you enjoy the culture in other countries while keeping active for most of the time you’re there. Holidays like this can be done in hot and cool climates, so wherever you want to go, there’s a good chance that an active choice is available too.

To help you learn more about active holidays and the many types available, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on some of the most popular options you can access. Read on to find out more and book the ideal getaway for a fitness lover today.

Walking holidays
Walking tours keep you on the move at all times and let you explore some of the more remote regions of a country. These are particularly popular across Europe and countries like Italy offer some of the best walking tours, whether this is through the culture of the cities or the hills of the Italian countryside.

This type of active holiday can be self-guided or you can hire an expert to help you navigate the different terrain. Plus, walking tours can vary in difficulty, making them accessible to most walkers – including novices.

Biking holidays
If you want to see some beautiful locations in a new country but want a thrilling journey along the way, then a biking tour may be the ideal solution. You can navigate some tricky terrain and travel at speed as you take in the breathtaking views of this place you’re visiting.

You’ll find wonderful biking holidays all over the world but if you don’t want to travel too far afield, then the UK also has many impressive bike tours available as well!

Skiing and snowboarding
If you want an active holiday but don’t want hot weather then this could be a great option for you. Each year, around 1.5 million Brits go on skiing holidays, which highlights its popularity. This example of an active holiday can be quite costly but will be more than worth it once you hit the slopes.

Fitness retreats
If you’re really into your fitness or the gym, then a fitness retreat could be the best holiday for you to go on. These work as a boot camp and you’ll be joined by plenty of like-minded people who you can get to know during the workouts or while you’re all recovering after a gruelling day of fitness.

source: Travel Daily News