600 fairs and MICE events to take place in Macao next year


Photo: Unsplash

Macao Association of Convention, Exhibition and Tourism Sectors President Ho Hoi Meng says that Macau will play host to as many as 600 exhibitions next year to compensate for a loss of MICE events caused by the Covid-19 outbreak earlier this year.

According to the industry professional, the number of shows and fairs scheduled to take place in Macau in 2023 could go back up to around 600, compared to an average of 400 to 500 before Covid-19. If held successfully, the number would also be 30% higher than this year.

However, the industry professional was quoted by Exmoo News as emphasising that whether or not they will come to fruition depends on the Covid-19 situation on the Chinese mainland and visa issuance arrangements there.

source: China Travel News