Choose Your Safest Destination

The coastal city of Georgia, Batumi will be one of the first destinations in the world to open its borders for international tourists from July 1. Along with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and World Tourism Organization (WTO), Georgian government, as well as local authorities, are actively working to create safe corridors in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

In further attempts to manage the pandemic situation, Georgian government has launched the anti-crisis plan to aid tourism sector. The comprehensive plan involves both deferring and suspending taxes as well as financial assistance and subsidizing the bank loans. Number of hotels throughout the whole country had been turned into the quarantines zones, providing good service. Georgian citizens, returning home from various virus struck countries, had been accommodated for 14-days in mandatory quarantine. Organizing such zones at the hotels became a great experience for our private sector, as they were required to comply with respective standards, which is going to ensure safety for holiday makers in Batumi during the world crisis of pandemic.

The measures incorporated by our government proved to be extremely effective and made it possible for Georgia to renew domestic tourism starting from June 15 and open its borders for international travellers from July 1. Georgia is about to create “Green Zones”, where the city of Batumi and Ajara region are the frontrunners, due to coastal location, green nature and safety conditions.

What does the coastal region remind you of? There’s no need to argue, seaside resorts are what comes to your mind first – with good infrastructure and endless opportunities for leisure and entertainment. The seaside of Ajara is distinguished with subtropical climate, coastline of 21km long, warm sea averages between 21-29°C, comfortable atmosphere and unforgettable nature. Besides leisure varieties, Batumi resort has a solar therapy and sea-salt baths to offer. Even in the coldest month of the year – January – the temperature doesn’t go lower than +7-10°C, which makes Batumi all year round destination. The botanical garden, protected areas and several national parks create the unique harmony between the pure nature, mind and soul. Aside all that, our region has so much more to offer, take the rich history, fascinating tourist attractions and beautiful Batumi Boulevard, which stretches along the coastline and is one of the longest in Europe. Wherever you come from and anywhere you go in Ajara – you will be welcomed by Georgian hospitality and exquisite Ajarian cuisine. Come and join the fascinating rural reality, make your own dinner and homemade wine. You will find out why he city of Batumi is called the Pearl of the Black Sea.

This is the time to gift yourself a trip to new and safe destination, acquaint with unique culture and tastes. Batumi awaits the world with new energy.
Spend your COVID-Free summer in Batumi, Georgia.