For a weekend trip the best destination is Krakow


Tourists who visited Krakow in 2018 were so satisfied with the visit that they considered the city the best and cheapest for quick weekend trips. Valencia was also in the first place ex aequo. These are the results of the survey conducted by Which? among its users.

Which? is a popular British website. He conducted an online survey among his readers, based on which he created a ranking of the best European cities for the so-called city ​​break, or a fast, weekend tourist trip. A total of 4,353 people participated in the study. Users rated the cities they visited in 2018. The top of the podium was Kraków ex aequo with Valencia in Spain.

The capital of Lesser Poland is the only city in the entire ranking that has won the maximum number of stars (points) in terms of price attractiveness. Users of Which?  considered Krakow to be the cheapest for weekend trips and that was the biggest advantage of this city. Their attention was also drawn to the Renaissance palaces and baroque churches, which can be found practically on every corner. The portal’s users also appreciated the atmospheric Krakow café gardens.

However, the portal’s journalists stress to avoid dining at the Main Square, where they think prices are overstated. They suggest that dining venues look farther from the center, where we pay a lot less for services.

Categories that were taken into account in the pledge and evaluated by users:

  • quality of accommodation,
  • gastronomy,
  • cultural attractions, including monuments, galleries, museums, tourist attractions and urban parks,
  • shopping,
  • ease in moving around the city,
  • price attractiveness: value for money.

Behind Krakow, there are such cities as: Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Amsterdam, Florence, Lisbon, Rome, Prague and Paris.

foto: Shutterstock