Hong Kong Airlines Upgrades Business Class Experience on Airbus A350

Hong Kong Airlines Upgrades Business Class Experience on Airbus A350

Hong Kong Airlines has installed a newly upgraded Business Class seat on its latest Airbus A350 aircraft.

In addition to a refreshing new look, the new Business Class seat is also equipped with one of the most advanced IFE systems from Thales Group, providing passengers with an immersive entertainment during their travels.

All of Hong Kong Airlines’ 33 new Business Class seats on the A350 are arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration, which guarantees all passengers direct access to an aisle and gives maximum privacy to work, rest and unwind.

With a simple touch of the seat control panel, the seat can be reclined into different positions or converted into a comfortable 78-inch full-flat bed.

For passengers who like a little entertainment on board, Hong Kong Airlines has partnered with Thales Group to install a brand-new IFE system into the A350 aircraft.

With a 17-inch widescreen monitor as well as a touch-enabled integrated handset, the new AVANT system promises passengers an enhanced entertainment experience inflight.

Mr. Wang Liya, Hong Kong Airlines Vice Chairman and President said, “Our latest Business Class offering and state-of-the-art inflight entertainment system is the result of an ambitious effort to revamp our premium services for our customers. These are significant investments for the company, and will help lead Hong Kong Airlines into a new decade of success.”

Hong Kong Airlines’ new Business Class product on its latest A350 will be deployed on the Bangkok route for crew familiarisation during its first month of operation. Following that, the aircraft will serve Los Angeles regularly.

source: Travel News Asia