IT&CM China and CTW China Virtual – Day 3

IT&CM China and CTW China Virtual

MICE Seminar – Reopening Business Events: What can we do better?

Several months into the ‘new normal’, the impact of COVID-19 can be felt in every aspect of the meetings industry. While some organisations struggle, others have been able to operate and even reopen in hopes of rejuvenating a halted economy. However, have the actions taken been the most effective or responsible? In this session, the panel will discuss on the reopening of business events in the region, share best practices and crisis-management plans they have implemented in their respective organisations.

CTW Conference – The New Age of Corporate Travel: AI, Personalisation and Vendor Innovations

The COVID-19 experience has thrust technology and digital adoption into the spotlight within a new contactless business-normal landscape. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is trending in service delivery to anticipate client needs and sustain their satisfaction. In the corporate service area, personalisation of services is likely to increase in demand as different companies seek custom solutions with varying requirements and focus. The choice of vendors would now include new KPIs that are innovation-driven with know-how, foresight and on-point solutions to help corporations navigate their policies and practices in the new age of corporate travel.

Networking: Themed Chatrooms

Meet like-minded delegates and engage in conversations about your interests. Chatroom themes include: “Partnership Seekers”, “Professional Advancement and Career”, “Work Life Balance”, “Digital / Tech Talk”, “Opportunities For 2021”, “Industry Sustainability”. Buyers be sure to attend! Prizes for buyers who qualify for our sure-win lucky draw will also be announced during this networking event.

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