Travelers less confident


Consumer opinion reviewer Which? is warning that the consumer confidence in the travel industry could be permanently damaged unless the government takes ‘swift and tangible’ action.

Launching a 10-point plan to maintain trust, Which? acknowledged that the industry is facing ‘unprecedented strain’ as a result of the pandemic, with many firms unable to refund cancelled holidays within the legal timeframe without going bust.

As a result, it is asking the Government to extend the statutory 14-day period for issuing refunds to a maximum of one month to give operators some additional breathing space.

Which? also wants credit notes to be financially protected by the Government and it is calling for a Government Travel Guarantee Fund for companies unable to fulfil their obligations to consumers due to the pandemic.

In addition, it says the Government and the Civil Aviation Authority should force airlines to provide cash refunds for cancelled flights that have been booked both through agents and direct.