Will Poznań be the best destination in Europe?

Will Poznań become the best travel destination in Europe in 2019? Voting in the European Best Destinations 2019 competition begins on January 15.Poznań is the only Polish city that participates in the plebiscite this year. Its organizer is the European Best Destinations (EBD). It is an organization operating in Brussels since 2009, which promotes tourism and culture throughout Europe. The website europeanbestdestinations.com, is one of the most visited websites devoted to tourism in Europe.

Twenty cities are nominated for each year. Among them are the leaders of European urban tourism, such as Vienna, Rome, Athens and Berlin, but also new, enjoying the growing popularity of destinations. This category includes, among others, Bratislava, the Belgian town of Dinant, and also Poznań, nominated for its authenticity and freshness as well as high quality of the offer. As emphasized by the organizers, not without significance are such values as safety, the climate of the city co-created, among others by students and growing popularity in social media. The diversity of its offer also determines the success of Poznań. It consists of not only monuments and classical museums, such as the National Museum in Poznań or the Archaeological Museum. It is also innovative and interactive institutions – the Poznań Gate or the Poznań Croissant Museum – as well as the Zamek Cultural Center, Malta Therms, the New Zoo or the Poznań Palm House. Many people also associate Poznań with the Lech football club, one of the tourist attractions is the stadium itself. Shopping tourism is also becoming more and more important.

The vote started on January 15 and will last until February 5, 2019. You can cast your vote on the website www.glosujnapoznan.pl or on www.voteforpoznan.pl, and also directly on the competition website: www.vote.ebdest.in.

Everyone who supports and votes for Poznan can also join the event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/551328302011538/