Jakarta facing competition


Jakarta needs to work on its marketing as travel destination in Indonesia to boost arrivals to its key destinations such as Kepulauan Seribu (Thousand Islands) or Kota (Old Town) which president Joko Widodo envisioned as among the ‘New Bali’s’.

The 10 New Balis is the program that aims to promote other picturesque tourist destinations in Indonesia. Indonesia tourism is booming but the average tourist thinks of Indonesia only as Bali.

President Widodo hopes that new strategy will raise awareness and bring more visitors to other parts of Indonesia. One of main remarks about tourism in Jakarta was made at the discussion at the Bank Indonesia Museum in West Jakarta – it stated that Jakarta is a very attractive tourism destination but it lacks a good promotional strategy.

About 53% of the total 2.8 million arrivals in Jakarta last year was for business reasons. The rest comprised holidays and leisure trips. In 2018, the Old Town and the Thousand Islands welcomed 580,751 foreign tourists. The largest source market was China. It made up 26% of the total arrivals.

photo: Pixabay